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We provide the assistance:
- to help you with setting up products for the Russian market
- to develop a marketing and pricing policy
- to tell you which products are in the greatest demand
- to carry out certification, technical and service support of
the supplied equipment
- to give you ideas how to make your products better and more attractive
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Welcome to ID Electro
industrial electrical equipment distribution
ID Electro is a large russian distributor of industrial electrical equipment 0.4 kV
Company's year turnover amount is above $20 million
ID Electro has a well-developed branch network that covers various industrial centers of Russia

Our clients:
- OEM-manufacturers of technological equipment
- Integrator companies implementing large infrastructure and industrial projects
- Industrial enterprises and plants that purchase spare parts and products for their own needs
strategic advantage
Logistics & infrastructure
Central office and warehouse are placed in geographical center of Russia in Ekaterinburg. The location at the intersection of transport routes on the border of Europe and Asia makes Ekaterinburg a convenient hub for the supply of goods from any country.

There are over 3,000 SKUs in the company's warehouses every day
Our branch offices
A financial and industrial center and the capital of Russia
The Ural region, where the largest enterprises for the extraction of fertilizers, mining enterprises, as well as machine–building enterprises operate
A region of the southern Ural, where the largest enterprises of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, as well as agricultural enterprises work
The city belongs to the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous region, the largest oil and gas enterprises of Russia work here
Is the capital of central Siberia, large mining enterprises; machine–building enterprises operate in the region, scientific activity is well
Is the South of Russia, large enterprises of the food and chemical industry work here
russian market development
Marketing & PR
To promote new brands and types of products, we hold conferences, participate in industry exhibitions, create catalogs and translate supplier's documentation
attention to quality
Сustomer service
We help our clients to choose proper equipment, so we can solve their tasks with maximum efficiency

We created electronic order placement platform - ID.Business
It's helps our clients easily and comfortably make orders in 24x7 mode

We know well the equipment, which we sell, In compare to other companies, carrying out transactional sales

Technical department helps customers in case of difficulties with connection and configuration

Our engineers collect consumer feedback on products in the process of work, which allows us to make it better

We created Study Centre for conducting trainings for technical specialists of our clients
laboratory tests
Technical competencies
Our engineers of the technical department study new product samples and technical documentation of suppliers before it goes for sale

We make technical testing of product samples in our laboratory, the causes of failures are studied, and repairs are carried out

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