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the Russian market?
We have more than 20 years of experience
in the distribution of industrial electrical equipment in Russia
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Welcome to ID Electro
ID Electro is a professional distributor of industrial electrical equipment 0.4 kV

We work on B2B market. Among our customers are:
- OEM-manufacturers of technological equipment
- system integrators implementing large infrastructure and industrial projects.
- Industrial enterprises and plants also buy our offer for reconstruction or like spare parts.

The headquarters and the main warehouse are placed in Ekaterinburg, which is the geographical center of Russia. The location at the intersection of transport routes Europe and Asia makes Ekaterinburg a convenient hub supplying all the regions of Russia with goods
industrial electrical equipment distribution
Representative offices
located in important industrial centers of Russia
The capital of Russia, located in the West of Russia, which is the assembly of the biggest financial and industrial companies
Located in the Middle of Russia, which is the assembly of the largest fertilizer plants, mining and machine building enterprises
Located in the Middle part of Russia, which is the assembly of big metallurgical, engineering and agricultural enterprises
Located in the North of Russia, which is the heart of oil and gas enterprises
The capital of Siberia, which is the assembly of coal-mining enterprises; non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy enterprises and also this city is one of the greatest scientific centers of Russia
Located in the South of Russia. It is the location of food, chemical enterprises and the agricultural region of Russia
ID Electro offering includes:
- helping with setting up your products for the Russian market
- developing an efficient marketing and pricing policy
- informing you of which product is in greatest demand
expertise-driven advices how to make your product better and more attractive
Strategic advantages
we know our customers and our products well
attention to quality
Сustomer service
We are ready to help customers to solve their most challenging production issues

We are willing to help customer make the right choice on the electrical market in order to achieve the best results to let their business thrive

Also, we are focusing on delivering an outstanding customer experience. Our employees strive to make every customer interaction a great one
Communications and Feedback
We know our customers and our products better than distributor companies, carrying out transactional sales only

After sale, we collect consumer feedback about product use, which enables us to make these products better
Our experienced staff ensure timely after sale assistance

Our structure of after sales service and assistance is geared toward creating value for customers

We continually expand our portfolio to include cutting-edge technologies and offer industry-specific end-to-end solutions
laboratory tests
Technical competencies
We translate technical documentation, fulfill certification of new equipment, conduct trainings for technical specialists of our clients

We make testing of new products in our own laboratory, where we check declared characteristics
ID Electro brand portfolio
Leading electrotechnical vendors and manufactures trust ID-Electro to present their brands and products
on Russian market
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Anri Barbusa str. 13,
Ekaterinburg city,
Russia, 620109