Main Activity areas Electric installation work

Electric installation work

How we guarantee quality fulfilling of works?

  • We fulfil the work using our own staff (without subcontractors). It allows us to keep the attractive prices and high quality of works.
  • Own electrical laboratory gives us accuracy and reliability of measurements.
  • Our company has all necessary permissions which required by pules.


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We work using modern materials and technology to ensure reliability of the installed systems in many years. Modern technologies also allow us to save time without a reduction of quality.

Specialists of the company are periodically taking courses for raising qualifications. Bieng on the market for more than ten years our company became a reputation as a reliable and responsible contractor.

Types of work

  • Installation 0.4-10kV cable systems, including clutch installation
  • Installation of lighting systems
  • Assembly and installation of low voltage panels, power transformers, substations, power distribution center
  • Assembly and installation of grounding systems and lightning protection
  • Installation of diesel-generator systems
  • Installation of busbars and trolley ducts
  • Assembly and installation of automated process control systems and telemechanic
  • Installation of relay protection and automation systems
  • Put into operation of diverse equipment 
  • Maintains and service


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